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What We Offer

Dabbling in everything from The Simpsons to Chhau dance to dynamics of Politics to the trivia of your local restaurant, we leave no stone unturned in creating an inclusive and relevant experience. The focal point of our activities is not only in sharing knowledge but also on Gaming Skills and Strategic Thinking.

Our offerings are widely popular for quality, innovation, inclusiveness and contentment on the part of our customers. As our title signifies, we espouse curiosity by catering to the intellectually hungry minds.


Campus Connect

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Corporate Connect


TV Shows

Game Show Set

Digital Content

Online Quizzes & Trivia apps

Developing Online Contests to function as influencers for brands and initiatives through social media and the digital space.

Provision and development of content and knowledge resources for App based solutions. 

Trivia Game Shows for Television

We specialize in the end to end implementation of TV shows right from conception , to curation & execution.
Innovation and impeccable hosting skills are the USP of our TV Show activities

Employee Engagement & Brand Promotion

Our activities promote inter-employee engagement and competition , thus fostering new spirits and connections at the workplace.
Brand promotions and other sponsored activities help extend the company outreach into the digital as well as the rel world.

Quizzes & Workshops

Our Quizzes offer a supple combination of gaming strategies, competitive spirit, and infotainment.
Our knowledge workshops are all-inclusive knowledge dissemination programmes aimed at overall development.

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